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Pixillation Video for Kronos’ Next Generation UI Launch

Here’s a look at the video we shot last year with a unique look. It combines graphic design & animating a person in stop motion, as well as a section that merges live action with UI screens in a nod to “Minority Report.” It was created to give a big splash for Kronos’ launch of a new user interface that completely changes how a customer uses their workforce management software.

Michael Rothenberg was writer/director; Joel Markus created the motion graphics; and Gabriel Polonsky directed the pixillation section. This project included a whole separate still shoot just to make the right backgrounds for the “manager” to walk through!

Identity Theft Videos for McAfee

Boston corporate video shoot for McAfee

Actress Mary Fegreus as Carmen Miranda

Peak recently teamed up with writer/executive producer Shane Keats from McAfee to create 3 whimsical videos about identity theft (oh, the horror!). McAfee is rolling out a series of web videos to raise awareness about the issue while maintaining a sense of humor. It’s a good illustration of using video production the right way: building awareness and a connection to the audience. The whole series can be viewed on McAfee’s YouTube consumer channel. My favorite? “Meet the In-Laws.”

How to Avoid a Dense, Unwatchable Video: Content vs. Impact

Stop Boring ContentVideo is an impact medium. In other words, viewers won’t remember specifics, but if your piece is done well, they will “get it.” So loading up a corporate video with a lot of information – ticking down all the checkboxes that have been mentioned by internal stakeholders – will weigh it down.

Check out this classic, hilarious example.

Instead, look to open up your video by cutting away the deadweight that people won’t remember anyway. Find the essential message and say it powerfully; then reinforce it. You might use drama, humor, or the sincerity of an honest testimonial. Look for a script that makes the communication memorable and moving – not one that is an easy sell at a meeting.

Motivating, inspiring, challenging: that’s what this medium does best. Give your video production wings by letting go of anything that doesn’t move it forward.